Frequently Asked Questions

What is YJP’s Mission?

The YJP - Young Jewish Professionals is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, focused on providing business, educational, and mentoring opportunities for the new generation of Jewish business leaders.

We work to transform the lives of our members by opening doors to a world-class community of business leaders, innovators and forward thinkers, who mentor and teach through unparalleled educational experiences, upscale conferences, and forums. YJP exists to attract, develop, and create a community for YJP's who are willing to lead, innovate, and give back to the Jewish and global communities. We help our members continue a remarkable tradition of spearheading change - and we provide bold ideas and resources to shape their future as well as their Jewish identity for generations to come.

How often are events? Where do events typically take place?
We host events weekly for our different industry chapters. They usually take place virtually, at our physical venue, or at the offices of our mentors.
What is the difference between being a YJP Access Business Club member and being on the YJP mailing list?

Being on the mailing list does not make one a YJP Access Business Club member. Members have gone through the application process, have submitted their resume or bios, have been approved by a YJP division director, and have registered online.

Non members can attend 1 event. Afterwards they must become a member of the organization.

Who can become a member?

YJP is the premier organization for young professionals seeking best practices, big ideas, bold vision and a world-class network of trusted peers. If you are under 40 and want to be the best in what you do, then this community is for you. Alternatively, if you have more than 40 years of age or 21 years of experience, we have our executive group. If you are interested in learning more and getting involved please email

Is there a cost associated with the membership?

We offer different membership levels. Each of them asks for a charitable contribution. You can find more information at our membership page here:  [ MEMBERSHIP PAGE].

Aside from attending summits and roundtables, what other benefits will I have as a Business Club member?

Depending on your level of membership, you will receive different benefits and access. Below are some of the benefits. 

  • Access to Membership Directory with over 16,000 profiles of young professionals and executives.
  • Career Development workshops.
  • Access to after event rolodex and business cards tool.
  • Member-only events and Chapter invitations. 
  • Invitations to our fellowships
  • Access to our mentorship streaming platform - Access TV
  • Networking series
  • Job Platform
What is the application process for the YJP membership?

To apply for our membership please visit our membership page and application form. Once you apply for an account a YJP staff member will reach out to schedule an interview. The application process is in place to maintain the caliber of the group, and to ensure everyone in the Business Club is like-minded and joining with the right goals and intentions.

YJP is not a sales group or a Jewish singles group: we are here to create a platform where industry peers can learn from each other and connect with mentors, and where meaningful relationships and connections can be forged. Everyone wants to do business with individuals they know and trust: we are here to make those relationships happen.

I am interested in sponsoring an event, who do I reach out to?

Thank you for your interest. Please reach out to